Dr LeWinn's face masks


Dr LeWinn’s has five new masks joining the ranks of it’s cult favourite collagen offering, each one designed to combat a range of skin concerns including dry skin, loss of elasticity, dull complexion and fine lines.

These luxurious and high-performing masks are the perfect pre-wedding treat to pamper yourself, unwind and get your skin in great shape for the big day.

Vitamin & Mineral Nourishing Face Mask instantly nourishes, hydrates and refreshes the skin with a potent serum of multi-vitamins, minerals, aloe and avocado oil.

24K Gold Age-defying Face Mask enhances the skin’s radiance, locking in moisture and leaving a dewy glow for a youthful complexion.

Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask instantly brightens dull complexions with vitamin C, B3, lime pearl and nutgrass.

Jellyfish Collagen Hydrating Face Mask offers long-lasting hydration with a serum containing jellyfish extract, which is rich in collagen protein.

Charcoal & Clack Pearl Detoxifying Face Mask rejuvenates the skin and helps neutralise free radicals.

Available from selected pharmacies for $11.99 each.